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30-50cm Sandblasted Aquarium Wood Branches

REF: DB1-30/50-01


Scales are approximate and should only be used as a rough guide.

Manzanita - 30cm

Manzanita wood is the ideal choice to use as Aquarium wood.

Price: £39.00
  • Price: £39.00

Our Manzanita Aquarium wood is sold in Bundles of 6 pieces.

Manzanita wood is non toxic and considered to be chemically inert, so it is therefore very safe for aquatic and terrestrial animals including fish and reptiles. It also releases very few tannins into the water compared to many other types of aquarium wood. Manzanita aquarium wood will last for a long time both in and out of water without decaying or rotting. Although the wood is very dense and heavy, making it one of the easier woods to sink, until it becomes saturated with water we recommend you weigh it down with a rock or other heavy object.

Decorative Branches
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