Manzanita Branches

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Manzanita Branches

Manzanita Branches

Manzanita branches are rapidly growing in popularity with many styles of decor design, handicrafts, event organisers. The complex and hard-wearing branch forms make them especially favourite for building table centrepieces as well as presented on their own for the beauty of their shape and colour.

Decorative Branches supply Manzanita in three distinct finishes, and many sizes. Natural Manzanita refers to providing the branches with their natural deep red bark.

Painted Manzanita is supplied in white but we can paint in any colour or finish to suit a particular theme or colour scheme.

Sandblasted Manzanita has had the bark stripped (either by natural wind action or by hand using sandblasting technology) giving a driftwood finish exposing the creamy white core-wood.

We can specially order supersized manzanita branches in sizes upto 3.5 metres with a leadtime of 4 months. These larger branches require individualised shipping arrangements per order.

Manzanita is an extremely hard wood growing in shrubby tree-form in its native west-coast regions of the USA. It has a strong red bark colour and a complex branching structure. There are around 120 identified species of Manzanita, some of which are so common they are regarded as weeds, whilst some others are exceptionally rare and endangered - one species has only one known living tree.

Our Manzanita branches are supplied by registered harvesters who avoid collecting from endangered species. We also supply branches from commercial Manzanita plantations that grow the wood specifically for the decor and design sectors.

Our manzanita branches are available from stock in the following sizes - 30cm, 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm and 180cm.

Please note that all our branches are natural growth and each branch will differ in shape. Photographs on our website are a general guidance only - exact size and shape will vary from piece to piece. Pots shown in photographs are not included.


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